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Andrassy Room

Andrassy Room

4 Seasons Budapest floor plan

4 Seasons Budapest floor plan

Andrassy Anti Room

Andrassy Anti Room

4 Seasons Budapest

4 Seasons Budapest

Andrassy Room

Andrassy Room

Andrassy Anti Room

Andrassy Anti Room

Client : Ideal Standard International


Design and recommend the

implementation for a significant

presentation to 50 VIP guests whilst

visiting Budapest on hospitality trip.


The objectives captivate a disillusioned

audience and create a sense of awe,

enthusiasm and loyalty

for the Sottini brand.


We interrogated the original client

brief, made recommendations for stage

management supported with

multimedia presentations deliveried

(in the round)  to create an intimate

look them in the eyes and sing from the

heart without lectern style of presentation.

The client's original brief for

just PowerPoint would not cut it

in our opinion!


- Pre-production, production,,


- On-site venue logistics and full event

management support.

- Set design build with full technical

specificiation - lighting,

sound and video.

- UK technical crew.


4 Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel, Budapest.

Wow factor...

The Andrassy room floor and wall

elevations but excluding the

gold leaf ceiling  and chandeliers

are dressed in Black-out panels

to include 32 video screens

juxta positioned like

an art gallery.The 

presentation concluded

with a Worldclass magician.




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